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Water and Wastewater Services

   For about 26 years, TARA has been a global leader in designing, developing, managing and constructing water-related infrastructures.

   The majority range of executive works comprise the follows but not limited to:

ØDesign and construction of water and wastewater transmission networks , distribution, supply and collection

ØDesign and construction of potable and industrial water treatment plant, urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants

ØDesign and construction of dams, water transmission canals and downstream networks

ØDesign and construction of concrete/steel tanks and reservoirs

ØDesign and execution of subsurface drainage systems

ØOperation of water and wastewater treatment plants.

ØQC control of water and wastewater treatment plants laboratories



TARA’s projects consist huge National and International plants to smaller regional networks.

TARA plans the infrastructure necessary to improve quality of life and sustain economic growth.

Road and Railway Services

ØDesign and construction of different  types of road, bridge, and railways (subgrading and surfacing of railways)  

Civil and Structures Services

Design, construction and execution of different types of buildings:





Oil and Gas Pipelines

Execution of Pipeline services include:




ØProject Management

ØConstruction of any relevant appurtenances and structures

Electrical and Power Services

ØDesign and execution of electric transmission lines and distribution networks and its relevant appurtenances

Industrial Services

ØDesign and execution of mechanical/electrical installations and industrial instrumentation